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The operator of Madnix website is SILVER STAR ENTERTAINMENT EUROPE LIMITED, a Cyprus company with Registration Number HE399368, registered address at: KALYMNOU 1, "Q MERITO", 4th Floor, Agios Nikolaos, Kamares 6037 Larnaca.

For all requests, withdrawal and documents questions contact support@madnix.com.

We created Madnix Casino for true gambling enthusiasts, just like us. We put extra efforts to select the top slots, online blackjack, roulette, other popular games types for players to enjoy. We backed the rich titles choice up by multiple deposit and withdrawal methods, for convenience and profit.

Simple and fast registration process, vast games selection, top payouts, highly professional support - these factors make Madnix a perfect choice for both newbie and experienced online gamblers. Madnix Casino is an online gambling site licensed in Curacao and is governed by the laws of Curacao. It has the legal rights to operate in many countries, but please check the laws of your land to see if it allows online gambling.

The advantages we offer:

We have taken care of every possible aspect of your security, including the usage of popular Norton and McAfee solutions. So sit back, relax and enjoy the perfect gambling experience. 
Any information our players provide to Madnis casino stays secure with us. You may be positive no third parties will find out about it.

Free Games 
Professional support 
If you are not sure which game to choose, as we have hundreds of them, you can always try them out for free.

If you have any questions regarding Madnix Casino or online gambling - our support service will be happy to give you the answers. 

At Madnix you will have access to the most popular games types:

Online Slots
Online Poker
Usually they feature 3 or 5 reels and the player's goal is to match images on (preferably) all of them. Online slot machines are extremely popular with gamblers due to their simplicity and diversity of themes. Madnix Casino lists hundreds of them. 
Some say that playing Poker over the Internet is less fun, because you don't see your opponents' emotions, whether they bluff or not. In fact, it's much similar to live poker, only with much higher pace of play and bets.

Online Blackjack
Online Roulette
We adopted this classic gambling games to online use with minimal changes. In fact, the only difference is that you hold virtual cards when playing it. All the rest is very familiar. 
The fun and excitement of playing roulette is available for online Casino players. Madnix offers dozens of roulette types, with European, French, American and 3D Roulette among them.

One of the simplest online Casino games, Keno is extremely fun to play. It's objective is to guess numbers that will be drawn by the keno computer (from 1 to 80).

There is no need to introduce this classic game. Playing Bingo online is even more fun than in real life, mainly because the rounds are a lot faster. Possible wins are pretty large too. 

Some of the biggest lotteries, offering huge jackpot prizes that you can win when you play at Madnix casino.