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Playing Football Studio Dice: The Casino-style Soccer.

Play Football Studio Dice, a dynamic dice game that combines the theme of football with the excitement of online casino games. Created by Evolution Gaming, this game offers an immersive experience where players can feel the adrenaline of a football match while trying to predict the dice outcomes to win prizes. With live dealers hosting each game, Football Studio Dice is perfect for football fans and casino game enthusiasts.

Play Football Studio Dice from Evolution Gaming

football studio dice

Features of Football Studio Dice

Football Studio Dice, developed by Evolution Gaming, combines stunning graphics and an immersive sound design that plunge players into a live football stadium experience. The user interface is designed for smooth navigation and intuitive gameplay, allowing players to fully concentrate on the fun of the game.

Graphics and Sound Design

The graphics of Football Studio Dice are highly realistic, capturing the vibrant atmosphere of football matches. Every detail, from the cups used to roll the dice to the score animations, is designed to enhance the atmosphere of sports competition. The soundtrack, energetic and dynamic, with real-time commentary, increases the players’ immersion.

User Interface

The live game interface of Football Studio Dice is remarkably intuitive, facilitating bets and the display of results without interruption. Players can easily access game information, such as odds and betting history, making the game accessible even for beginners.


The live casino game Football Studio Dice stands out for its innovative bonus rounds, where players can achieve multiplied winnings by correctly predicting the outcomes of dice roll sequences. The game also offers free spin rounds and the chance to win progressive jackpots, significantly increasing the chances of substantial winnings. Each aspect of the game is designed to enhance player engagement and offer a thrilling casino experience.

Symbols and Wilds in Football Studio Dice

In Football Studio Dice by Evolution Gaming, each symbol has been designed to reinforce the football theme and enrich the gaming experience. Each die used in the game represents key elements of football, thus enhancing players’ immersion in the world’s most popular sport.

Design and Meaning of Symbols

The symbols in Football Studio Dice are represented by dice that sport the colors of football teams – blue for the Home team and red for the Visitors. During the game, these dice are thrown in a cup, adding a layer of suspense and excitement. The Tie symbol is also crucial, as it can trigger high winnings if the dice results match.

Role and Impact of Wild Cards

The wild cards in Football Studio Dice, often called “Wilds” in other casino games, play a major role in amplifying the chances of winnings. In this game, wilds can replace any other symbol to form a winning combination, thereby greatly increasing the chances of achieving significant wins. Their appearance is a key moment in the game, as they can turn an ordinary round into a very lucrative session.

These game elements, combined with a dynamic interface and flexible betting options, make Football Studio Dice an engaging game for all football fans and dice game enthusiasts.

How to Play Football Studio Dice

Football Studio Dice offers an engaging football-themed experience, combined with the strategy of dice games. Follow this step-by-step guide to start your game, from initial betting to understanding the outcomes.

Place Your Bets

  1. Token Selection: Start by choosing a betting token with values ranging from €0.50 to €100.
  2. Select Your Side: Place your bet on one of three options: Home, Away, or Draw. Each choice corresponds to a different prediction on the outcome of the dice roll.
  3. Confirming the Bet: Once your bet is selected, confirm it to lock your wager before the dice are thrown.
live casino - live dealers

Understanding the Results

  • The Dice: Four dice are thrown – two blue for Home and two red for Away. The result is determined by comparing the numbers shown on the blue and red dice.
  • The Payouts: Payouts vary depending on the type of bet – a straightforward bet can win 1:1, while a tie can pay up to 80 times your stake.

Tips for Beginners on Online Casino

  • Navigating the Interface: Familiarize yourself with the interface before starting to play. Take the time to understand where your balance, bet amounts, and action buttons are displayed.
  • Demo Mode: If you’re new, try the demo mode first. This allows you to play without risking real money and experiment with different betting strategies.

This guide will help you fully enjoy Football Studio Dice while maximizing your chances of winning through a better understanding of the rules and game features.

Strategies for Playing Football Studio Dice

Optimize your winnings at Football Studio Dice with proven strategies. Understanding the strategic dimension of placing bets, managing your bankroll, and analyzing symbol combinations can significantly improve your chances of success. Here are some essential tips to make the most of the game’s opportunities.

Bet Sizing

  • Start Small: Adjust your bets based on your total capital to prevent rapid losses. It’s wise to start with small bets and then gradually increase them as you gain.
  • Bet Wisely: Choose wisely between Home, Away, or Draw, taking into account the odds offered. Bets on draws offer higher winnings but are less frequent.

Bankroll Management

  • Set a Budget: Before starting to play, set a total amount that you’re willing to bet.
  • Use Loss Limits: Set daily, weekly, and monthly loss limits to keep control over your expenses.

Understanding Symbol Combinations

  • Know the Possible Outcomes: Familiarize yourself with the combinations of outcomes for each bet. This will help you predict possible outcomes and plan your bets accordingly.
  • Analyze Trends: Pay attention to outcome trends over previous games; this can offer valuable clues for future bets.

Triggering Bonus Features

  • Target Draws: Bets on draws, although risky, can trigger significant bonuses if successful. Practice with small amounts to understand the frequency of these results before betting big.
  • Betting Strategies: Slightly increase your bets after several rounds without wins. This approach can sometimes help to offset previous losses when a big win occurs.

By applying these strategies to Football Studio Dice, you will not only maximize your winning potential but also enjoy each session more fully. Good luck, and may the best of football and dice be with you!

Playing Football Studio Dice on Mobile

Football Studio Dice, developed by Evolution Gaming, is fully accessible on mobile devices, allowing you to enjoy the action wherever you are. No mobile app is needed to dive into this experience; you can play directly from your preferred web browser.

No Download Required

To start playing Football Studio Dice on your mobile, simply access the game through the website of your online casino. It is not required to download a dedicated app, which makes it more accessible and saves storage space on your device.

Identical Game Experience on All Devices

Whether you’re playing on a desktop computer or a mobile device, the gaming experience remains the same. The dynamic graphics, game features, and betting options are identical, ensuring a seamless transition between platforms. Enjoy the same bonuseswinnings and interactions with the live dealer, ensuring a homogenous and immersive experience.

Football Studio Dice offers the flexibility and convenience to play anytime and anywhere, without compromising on quality or excitement of the game. Take the thrill of football and dice games with you, simply at your fingertips on your mobile.