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You must be of legal age (in accordance with the laws of your country) to be able to gamble at our online casino. Playing gambling games is first and foremost about fun. If you are our player or if you know our registered player who has gambling addiction issue - please contact us and we will, in any available to us means, help you solve the issue.
If you feel that you are in a sensitive financial situation or sensitive family situation because of online gambling - let us help you deal with this issue! We can help you deal with possible gambling addiction issue in the following ways:

  • Our support can help to set deposit limits that cannot further be lifted on the player's side.

  • Our support can, upon a registered player’s request, set up a so called 'Cool Off' period of up to one year. During this time the player will not have access to his/her Madnix Casino account.

  • Our support has the means to close the Madnix casino account permanently upon a player’s request.

Refund Policy and Account Cancellation

Madnix reserves the right to refund the transactions coming from credit cards. We may do so, in case we or the card processor consider such credit cards purchases to carry risk. We may also notify the corresponding authorities as for the incident. At the same time, a Madnix casino player has the right to request a refund for the balance he or she holds in the casino account.
Should you want to cancel the Madnix casino account, please contact our support service via email support@madnix.com and follow the procedures the support representative will advice. Madnix reserves the right to collect surcharges, fees or costs incurred before the account is cancelled. If your account is canceled, the casino will provide no further refunds, credits will not be credited to the account and you will not have access to your account.

Underage Gaming

We strongly advise and request our players to protect their login information and other sensitive data from getting interrupted by third parties. We also do that because under no conditions underage people should get involved in online gambling. Please report any related problems to us via support@madnix.com and together we will discuss ways to solve them.