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When registering at Madnix Casino, all players guarantee that any information they provide during the registration is true and accurate. In case the provided information is accidentally or intentionally false, We (Madnix Casino) reserve the right to suspend your account and the funds that may be on it.

Madnix Casino may ask you for the following documents to validate your personal information:

- Copy of credit card (front and back). Please hide the middle 8 digits, and the CVC on the back, for your safety;

- If you use an e-wallet, we may ask to send us an account statement on which the transaction appears;

- Copy of a photographic ID (passport, driver's license (both sides), etc.;

- Photo of you holding your ID;  

- Copy of a recent utility bill with your name (preferably water, electricity, or phone/internet bill). This must be issued under 3 months ago and have the same address as the registered address in your account details.